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Open Rebellion At CNN: Staffers & Anchors Revolt Against Leadership

At CNN, there seems to be a clear message: open rebellion against the networks CEO, Chris Licht, is being rewarded instead of punished.

Last week during a commencement speech at the Columbia School of Journalism, veteran CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour blasted the network along with Licht for the Trump Town Hall, saying it was anearthquake and that sherespectfully disagree[d] with allowing Donald Trump to appear in that particular format. Not only that, but she said she flew from London to the CNN NY headquarters to confront Licht about it and that the conversation wasrobust.

Amanpours comments were met with a groundswell of support from the likes of Anderson Cooper, Oliver Darcy, and Jake Tapper, with Darcy writing a glowing piece praising her rant. But it was CNN chief international investigative correspondent Nima Elbagirs tweet that really started the show:Speaking truth to power is a fundamental part of our job but to speak truth to the power that signs your checks? @amanpour showing everyone how its done.

Tons of CNN anchors and staffers then liked and retweeted her statement, and anchor Sara Sidner posted her own message of support, writing,It seems they understand the words to be said and on what side the power lies.

So at CNN, thanks to people like Elbagir and Amanpour, thepower clearly lies with their anchors and staff rather than their CEO. Despite this open rebellion, none of these people have faced any repercussions for their comments. In fact, they seem to be emboldened by the way their colleagues are rallying around Amanpour despite Lichts ultimate decision making authority.

Its been a rough couple of years for the network, which has seen its ratings plummet as well as the departure of longtime leader Jeff Zucker, thanks to a sex scandal. But if CNNs staff is allowed to get away with openly questioning and criticizing their boss, the network is clearly out of control and the inmates are running the asylum.

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