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OMG Song About Target Hits Number 1, You Know Execs Are Furious

Conservatives Continue to Make a Mark on Both Pop Culture and Retailers A proTrump rap group is making national headlines with their hit singleBoycott Target. The song has quickly gained traction, racking up nearly three million views and climbing to number #6 on iTunes Charts.

The rap group, comprised of Forgiato Blow, Jimmy Levy, Nick Nittoli, and Stoney Dudebro, has released their lyrics as a strong stance against retail giant Target and their attempt totarget their customers with Satanic and sexualized goods.

This agendas gotta stop, they know we gonna win, the songs lyrics proclaim.Target, Target, yeah they targetin/Target, Target, yeah they target kids.

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) has further promoted the song online in response to Targets attempt totarget their customers.American Conservatives are once again showing who has the real buying power, she responded.Its not the woke mob, they only bully and riot.

Target has faced significant backlash since social media users pointed out that the store offeredtuckfriendly andextra crotch coverage female swimsuits for sale. In response to the criticism, Target has removed a selection of LGBT Pride items from their stores, including a sweater that readcure transphobia not trans people and atoo queer for here tote bag.

However, the rapid boycott of Target is seemingly too little too late. The companys stock price has declined from $152.28 on May 19, to $139.39 on May 25, marking an 8.5% decrease over the course of a single week. The firms market capitalization, which refers to the total value of a publicly traded companys outstanding shares, fell from $70.4 billion to $64.4 billion over the same time period.

The songs unexpected success showcases the growing power of conservative voices in both pop culture and corporate America. Though Target had hoped to sneak proLGBT Pride agenda items past their customers, consumers have made their disapproval heard. As the anger amplifies over Targets proLGBT stance among the conservative minority, the oncebeloved retailer may have a difficult journey ahead.

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