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Obama Issues Plans About Internet Regulation

Former President Barack Obama recently advocated for the government to track and hunt down Americans by their fingerprints if they dare spread socalledmisinformation online.

In a podcast interview with CNN host David Axelrod, Obama suggested implementingdigital fingerprints as a mandatory online requirement to combat misinformation.

The former president voiced his concerns about the upcoming 2024 election cycle, claiming thatmisinformation could be weaponized to discourage voter participation, portraying the election system asrigged andcorrupt.”

He argued that the best way to combat socalledmisinformation is toremind people that this is out there,” as well as develop new technologies to create digital fingerprints to identify what is true and what is not true.

But though concerned himself by the rise of online misinformation, Obama has come under fire for engaging in the practice himself.

In 2013, the Affordable Care Act allowed Americans to keep their healthcare plans but Obama allegedly lied about this, leading Republicans to deem him the winner of thelie of the year.” Furthermore, Obama was accused of promoting theRussiaTrump collusion hoax despite a report to the contrary.

According to the New York Post, the results of the report revealed that Obama knew that Hillary Clinton was planning to hurt former President Trump‘s chances of being elected in 2016 by falsely claiming he was colluding with Russia.

The report from the New York Post highlighted a series of text messages between a former FBI Director and his mistress in the summer of 2016. The former FBI Director had also overseen an investigation that helped launch the wholeRussia hoax against President Trump.

Obama has yet to respond to the allegations.

Given his history, the suggestion that the government should track and hunt down Americans by their fingerprints for socalledmisinformation could raise eyebrows in Washington, D.C., and beyond.

Obama has not elaborated further on his suggestion, leaving many to speculate on the president‘s plan of action and its implications for social media.

At this point, the only thing known for certain is that the former president is highly concerned with the rise in the spread ofmisinformation online and views digital fingerprints as the only solution. Whether or not it will be effective in curbing this issue remains to be seen.

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