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Nursing Homes In NYC Sold To Become Shelters

New York City, once again, finds itself at the center of controversy and criticism for its handling of the influx of illegal aliens. This time, it involves the heartbreaking story of a 95-year-old Korean War veteran, Frank Tammaro, and several of his fellow nursing home residents who were forced out of their facility to make room for a shelter for illegal aliens.

On Monday, Republican Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis held a press conference to address the issue and call out the city’s misguided priorities. She was joined by Tammaro who shared his ordeal of being served with a notice on the board giving them only a month and a half to find a new home. Tammaro’s daughter intervened and helped him find a new place to live, but he expressed concern for others who may not have family to support them.

Malliotakis, visibly upset, stated that this situation highlights how “our country and our city’s priorities are backwards.” She criticized the decision made by the city to turn an assisted living facility into a migrant shelter, using taxpayer money to house non-citizens while neglecting the needs of American citizens, particularly the vulnerable and the ones who have served their country with honor.

The facility in question, Island Shores, was sold to Homes for the Homeless, a nonprofit organization that provides temporary housing for homeless families. However, their decision to use the facility for illegal aliens has sparked outrage and questions about the city’s priorities. Malliotakis stated that it was “disgraceful” how the process was handled, with everything being done behind closed doors and no chance for the residents to make any attempts to stop it.

The move by Homes for the Homeless to house illegal aliens in Island Shores has shown the true colors of the city’s administration. It has shed light on the stark reality that American citizens, especially the most vulnerable and the ones who have served this country, are not being prioritized. This controversial decision not only affects the residents of Island Shores but also raises concerns about the city’s handling of the larger issue of the influx of illegal aliens.

The story of Tammaro and his fellow residents being evicted to make way for illegal aliens has garnered widespread criticism and condemnation from both Democrats and Republicans. Even Democratic Mayor Eric Adams blasted President Joe Biden for his lack of action in addressing the overwhelming influx of illegal aliens. It seems that this issue has united both parties in demanding better solutions and prioritizing the needs of American citizens.

As the debate over immigration continues and the humanitarian crisis at the border worsens, the story of Island Shores serves as a wake-up call for the city and its leaders to re-evaluate their priorities and put the needs of American citizens first. No one, especially those who have served their country, should be pushed aside and neglected in the name of political agendas. It is time for the Biden administration to take proactive and compassionate action in addressing the issue of illegal immigration.

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