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Nonstop Prayer Meeting At Kentucky Christian College Gains Massive Online Response

One meeting in the chapel of a Kentucky Christian college was slated to end on the morning of February 8th, but the students attending were so inspired by the service that it never ended, evolving into a massive 24/7 service that is still being held close to a week later while inspiring other students that attend colleges in other states to make the trip down just the be part of it.

As of the 8th of February. the now legendary service was held at Asbury University in Hughes Auditorium and was ending with a benediction and song vocalized by the gospel choir, but the students would just not leave the chapel, instead continuing to issue prayers as they also sang quietly.

“They were praising and praying earnestly for themselves and their neighbors and our world—expressing repentance and contrition for sin and interceding for healing, wholeness, peace, and justice,” expressed Thomas H. McCall, an Asbury theology professor who was in attendance a the service.

” There is no pressure or hype. There is no manipulation. There is no high-pitched emotional fervor. To the contrary, it has so far been mostly calm and serene,” he went on. “I know that God moves in mysterious ways; Jesus tells us that the Spirit blows where it wills,”

Reportedly, the other students flocked in from Purdue University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Ohio Christian University,  the University of Kentucky, the University of the Cumberlands, Transylvania University, Midway University, Lee University, Georgetown College, and Mt. Vernon Nazarene University, among others.

By the 14th of February, the crowd had managed to climb up to well over 3,000 worshippers not only in the chapel of the college but also spreading out through a total of four other facilities at the college. Dr. Kevin Brown, the president of the university, stated that close to two-thirds of those in attendance came from other states.

“It has absolutely been social media that is the mechanism that people found out about this,” stated Mark Whitworth, the vice president of communications for Asbury University. A number of social media videos sporting the hashtag “Asburybury Revival” have spread out across social media with the hashtag #asburyrevival totaling a stagging 24.4 million views across TikTok by the 15th of February, explained NBC News in a report.

“The university made an intentional decision not to publicize this because we wanted to place an abundance of respect towards the experience of our students,” explained Brown.

These revival-style events have taken place at Asbury University before this one in 1970 a revival closed classes for a week; in 2006 four days of continuous worship took place.



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