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NFL Players Complain About New Coach

The Washington Commanders have welcomed Eric Bieniemy with open arms as their new assistant head coach and offensive coordinator. But it appears some are a bit apprehensive about how the coaching method of the Super Bowl LVII-winning offensive guru could affect the team.

Bieniemy spent the last five years with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he helped develop one of the top offenses in the NFL. But now that he is in Washington, Commanders head coach Ron Rivera said there is a bit of uncertainty among some about the intensity of the 53-year-old coach.

“It’s tough to put a finger on where this concern comes from,” Rivera said. “Some of our players are a little concerned about his intensity, but I’ve told them that if they need clarity, they just need to go talk to him.”

Rivera said it’s not likely Bieniemy’s style will change any time soon, noting that intense coaching is part of the reason why he was successful with the Chiefs.

“It’s not going to change because he believes in it,” Rivera said.

He also pointed out that other coaches take different approaches to teaching. Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio has a different approach, Rivera noted. Del Rio has more experience as a head coach and has been with the team for two years.

“Jack has a tendency to try to figure guys out a little bit more as opposed to, ‘Hey, this is it, this is the way it’s going to be.’ That type of stuff. Eric hasn’t had that experience yet,” Rivera said.

Rivera also noted that relationships between a player and a coach are different, and some may struggle with certain things based on their own unique experiences.

Bieniemy’s name has been tied to numerous head coaching job openings in recent years, although he never landed one. Already, speculation has it that his coaching style could have been a hindrance when it came to hiring.

But Bieniemy helped lead the Chiefs to many victories and Super Bowl wins, and his game planning has received much praise. While head coach Andy Reid handled the majority of play calling on game days, Bieniemy was responsible for the team’s offensive strategy during the practice week.

It appears he is settling in well in Washington and the players are warming up to him. The Commanders are looking for a new offensive identity going into the 2021 season, and Bieniemy could be key in helping them do so.

As for the players of the Commanders, they say they are ready to get to work with their new head coach.

“I’m excited,” starting quarterback Dwayne Haskins said. “He’s a good coach, he’s a Super Bowl champion, he’s good at what he does. We’re lucky to have him here.”

With the season fast approaching, the Commanders have shown they are confident in Bieniemy’s ability to lead them. Despite the uncertain start, it would seem their faith in his coaching style is one that will pay off.

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