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New Information Comes To Light About Mass Stabbing Spree Suspect In Las Vegas

The man who allegedly carried out a rampant deadly mass stabbing spree throughout Las Vegas this past week was found to be an illegal immigrant.

This past Thursday morning, police officials responded to a series of reports concerning a stabbing just outside of the Wynn casino just off Las Vegas Boulevard just before mid-day. As least two people have died as a result of stabbing attacks and another six are in intensive care, including three of whom were labeled as being in critical condition.

As reported by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the man who was suspected of carrying out the horrible series of attacks, one 32-year-old Yoni Barrios, is known to be a Guatemalan national who illegally made his way into the United States.

Bill Melugin, a correspondent for Fox News, stated in a report that the suspect sported a previous criminal record out in the state of California, yet he had not been reported to the authorities in charge of federal immigration.

Steve Wolfson, the Clark County District Attorney, has not yet taken the death penalty for the suspect off the table as of writing.

“We are going to give it serious consideration,” stated Wolfson. “But it’s so early on.”

The suspect left California and headed to Las Vegas just two days before the attacks took place and claimed that he had planned on moving in with a friend. However, that particular plan immediately fell through.

The suspect made the claim to law enforcement officials that passengers on a bus he rode to get to Las Vegas heavily made fun of him and treated him like he was not even human.

Fox 5 Las Vegas reported that the suspect attempted to get transportation back to California, but failed to secure it. The man then made his way into a casino and sought possible employment as a janitor. Finally, the suspect reportedly requested that one janitor for the casino call officials with ICE so he could be arrested and eventually deported back to the country he came from.

Barrios claimed that one security guard for the hotel just told him to go “jump in front of a train.”

Allegedly, Barrios then went up to a group of women and when one of them felt uncomfortable and attempted to back away out of fear, the man rushed the group and started stabbing and slashing.

Barrios made the claim that the women were “laughing at him and making fun of his clothing” and that he “became angry and stabbed one of the women in the chest after which he began stabbing the other women in the group as they ran away.”

The illegal immigrant then reportedly wandered around looking for groups of other random people to attack in an effort to “let the anger out” against them.

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