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Mystery Twitter Account Has AOC Panicked

A new series of questions have spawned for Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in the wake of someone claiming to have discovered a “burner” Twitter account possibly connected to her.

Niko House (@realnikohouse) issued a reply to a few tweets that were posted by AOC himself and ended up getting a few suspicious responses from what seemed to be an entirely random account (@zazasmoka). He quickly noticed that when the account issued a response, the answers were issued from a first-person perspective —  as if the person commenting was, in fact, the squad member herself.

“YOOOOO!!! AOC has burned accounts. I responded to one of her posts reminding her that she sends money to Nazis, and some random account responded to me speaking in first person as if I attacked them. Then that same person DELETED the tweet”

After a bit more in-depth investigation of this alleged “burner account” discovered that whoever was in control of the account was not just posting tweets trying to defend AOC at every chance — they were also sending out numerous death threats to Matt Walsh, a podcast host connected to The Daily Wire.

When responding to a tweet coming from Walsh regarding to the obvious dangers inherent in the trans movement, @zazasmoka answered, “You are a hateful little freak and I can’t wait until you piss off a trans person that actually is as unhinged as you say they all are … can’t be a bigot if you’re no longer breathing.”

Walsh chose to speak up as well, calling on AOC to speak about the issue and openly condemn the rhetoric if the account was not at all owned or operated by her. “Hi @AOC, this isn’t you wishing death on me is it? Many are speculating that this is your burner account. You need to come out and denounce this kind of rhetoric or we can only assume that you support it.”

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene issued her own response to the ordeal, tweeting, “This you @AOC? Zaza Demon is your burner account? That is a disturbing name. Excited to see an ‘unhinged trans’ murder a member of the conservative press, Matt Walsh? Yes that is demonic so the name fits.”

Ocasio-Cortez has not yet deigned to give a response to the numerous tweets claiming that the account was hers — but if it was, she would not be the first elected official to hold an anonymous “burner account.”






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