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Murder Rocks Albuquerque After Ban

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has defended her thirty-day ban on the lawful concealed and open carry of firearms, enacted amid concerns of gun violence, despite an immediate fatality in the Southwest portion of the state.

The executive order which was signed less than 24 hours before the shooting, has caused an uproar across the political spectrum. Though gun control heavyweights such as California Congressman Ted Lieu have declared her actions to be unconstitutional, the Governor insists the move is necessary to bring down gun crime.

On Saturday morning, Albuquerque police responded to a shooting in the Southwest part of the city, where one person was taken to a hospital and later died. Officers also learned that someone who may have been involved in the shooting was seen entering an apartment. The homicide detectives continue to investigate, though there isn’t enough information yet to warrant an arrest.

The Governor’s order, while unconstitutional to some, is widely seen as a step in the right direction to reduce gun crime. It temporarily bans individuals from possessing firearms upon the building or grounds of a public school and in all public schools, including charter schools and in all state-owned or leased buildings and grounds, except for law enforcement and security personnel and members of the armed forces in active duty status. This includes colleges, universities, and technical schools, as well as any public library grounds, courthouses, or correctional institutions.

From a legislative standpoint, the Governor’s actions appear to support the larger aim of gun control. However, for many of those vehemently opposed to the executive order, the fatal shooting this morning serves as a painful reminder that one’s own safety cannot be entirely left up to the government and its regulations.

For now, however, opponents of the executive order will remain critical of the Governor’s disregard for the constitutional right to bear arms, even though she believes her actions are crucial for the safety of the public.

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