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Meta CEO Finds New Focus For Company Initiatives

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook’s parent company META, and other senior executives throughout the social media firm are now spending “most” of their time on various programs in relation to artificial intelligence, according to the chief technology officer for the company.

Andrew Bosworth, the Meta CTO, commented earlier this week in an interview with Nikkei Asia that the company would issue its own response to the public release of ChatGPT, a recently launched mass-market AI system that can build emails or write code in just a few seconds, with a new and exciting program of their own. Both Meta and Google have been lauded as the vanguards of research into AI with respect to the number of scientific studies published.

“We’ve been investing in artificial intelligence for over a decade, and have one of the leading research institutes in the world,” Bosworth stated to the outlet. He added that Meta employs “hundreds” of Ai researchers and is very confident that they are “at the very forefront” of all AI innovation.

Meta has stated that it expected to fully commercialize elements of its generative AI capabilities as soon as the end of this year. Companies that choose to advertise on Instagram and Facebook, which are both subsidiaries of Meta, could soon request that the AI system create new images for their campaigns and end up saving “a lot of time and money.”

Technology will also be utilized to create portions of the Metaverse, a massive virtual reality project that is currently being built by Meta, which inspired the company to alter its name from Facebook. “Previously, if I wanted to create a 3D world, I needed to learn a lot of computer graphics and programming,” explained Bosworth. “In the future, you might be able to just describe the world you want to create and have the large language model generate that world for you. And so it makes things like content creation much more accessible to more people.”

The development of AI capabilities for Meta is taking place at a worrying time for the social media firm. Recently, Zuckerberg elected to fire 27,000 employees in recent months as the firm looks for ways to drop its costs and increase overall profitability. Even throughout a period of economic trouble which wound up inspiring these layoffs, investors have spoken up to try and push Zuckerberg to continue his funding into the innovation of AI.

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