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Mayor Of New York City Speaks Out Against Migrant Relocation By Labeling It An ‘American Crisis’

Recently, Republican governors have found themselves the target of some vocal criticism coming from the mayor of New York City for what he states is an ” American crisis” and “humanitarian crisis” for the sanctuary city as it deals with the influx of illegal immigrants being sent up from an overwhelmed Texas.

While speaking on the most recent Sunday segment of ABC’s “This Week,” Mayor Eric Adams (D) was questioned by the show’s host, Jonathan Karl, as to what Old Uncle Joe’s administration was actually doing for the city. Karl pointed out that Adams has previously made the claim that New York was extremely “overwhelmed” by these illegal immigrants that have recently been relocated to the city, spite the fact that these numbers he has to deal with are a drop in the bucket to what the border states, such as Texas, are being forces to deal with on a daily basis.

“These migrants and asylum seekers are not coming to any particular city, they’re coming to America,” expressed the mayor, going on to add, “This is an American crisis that we need to face – a humanitarian crisis that were made by human hands by some of the governors in our southern states.”

The office of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) made the claim that his state has relocated well over 10,000 illegal migrants to various sanctuary cities such as Washington, D.C., New York, and Chicago since the start of this past April. Abbott was not alone in his relocation strategy, as just recently Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) relocated a group of 50 migrants to the liberal sanctuary island of Martha’s Vineyard this past week, kicking off an extremely rapid response from the resident of the island. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) also took strides to relocate almost 2,000 migrants via bus to Washington D.C. over the course of four months, as reported by KOLD News 13.

It has been stated by Mayor Adams as part of a press release this past week that New York City itself is “nearing its breaking point” and went on to state that officials there seem to think that there are going to be thousands more illegal migrants slated to arrive over the course of the next few weeks. He also hurled accusations at the various Republican governor of playing an “unproductive game of gotcha.”

“How is it that New York City is overwhelmed when it’s a fraction of what we’re seeing on the border?” Karl questioned of Adams.

The mayor then called for deeper coordination between him and the other governors about the currently being utilized busing strategy, calling for sponsors. Adams has been a long-time advocate for New York to cement itself as a sanctuary city, stating via social media late last year while still on the campaign trail that “New York City will remain a sanctuary city under an Adams administration.”

Karl questioned Adams about whether or not he considered the sanctuary policies of New York could end up just outright attracting even more illegal border crossers to his city, to which he answered, “No, not at all.”

While highlighting the lax border policies of the Biden administration and its outright failure to lock down the border, Abbott stated in a recent Fox News interview that “if they will not go to the border, we’re taking the border to them.” The governor went on to add that going back to the Trump-era policies regarding the border would drop the number of unlawful crossings, thus removing the need to relocate the illegal immigrants to the various sanctuary cities across the country.

All of the criticism hurled by Adams at Republican governors and their relocation programs have been happening concurrently with another event in which the Democrat mayor of El Paso jumped to the defense of these relocation programs as his city has also been moving migrants to New York via a 16-month, $2 million contract.

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