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Massive Halloween Party Leaves 146 People Dead, 150 Injured After Horrible Incident

This past Saturday evening out in Seoul, South Korea, a massive Halloween party devolved into a horror show after 146+ people were crushed to death and another 150 were injured in the heavily packed streets.

A report from the New York Times expressed that almost 100,000 people went to the event which resulted in the clogging of narrow streets that were crammed full of people who could not get away or even move.

There were so many people at the event that the area emergency workers reportedly struggled to try and make it to the trapped people and then further struggled to move the injured out to area hospitals.

A report from the Washington Post stated that the U.S. was made to respond to the ordeal and assist the local officials to deal with crowd control.

The Fire Department of Yonsan-gu claimed that there was no fire or gas leak throughout the area as they carried out their investigation into what led to the horrid casualties from the event.

The head of the area fire department, Choi Seong-beom, explained to reporters that “many casualties were incurred as a crowd of people fell over during Halloween parties.”


It was reported by Yonhap News Agency that the entire incident took place “in a narrow downhill alley near Hamilton Hotel in the famous nightlife district after a throng of partygoers flooded into it.”

The issued report claimed that 848 first responders, which included over 346 firefighters, were sent out to handle the ordeal, which is being labeled as one of the largest mass casualty events during peacetime in the history of the entire country.

Many of those who were seriously injured or dead seemed to be young adults that were on average in their 20s, reported officials.

Area rescue workers were seen performing CPR on multiple victims in a large number of videos that have been making their way across social media.

This event was the first massive Halloween party to happen in the nation’s capital city since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic a few years ago.

The Times claimed that the area in which the incident took place, Itaewon, is known as a district for entertainment and shopping that was first created to handle American soldiers throughout the Korean war. Since that time, it has cemented itself as “one of the most popular neighborhoods in Seoul” well known for its vibrant night-life and its amazing food.

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