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Massive $1.7 Million Toilet Project For San Francisco In Danger Of Shutting Down Under Newsom

Recently, Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom spoke out to express his extreme dissatisfaction with the current plan out of San Francisco to spend almost $1.7 million in order to build a public toilet.

The California governor expressed that they will not be issuing funds for the project unless officials with the city can show a plan to better utilize the taxpayer money.

“A single, small bathroom should not cost $1.7 million,” exclaimed one spokesperson for Newsom, Erin Mellon, in a statement to the San Francisco Chronicle late last week. “The state will hold funding until San Francisco delivers a plan to use this public money more efficiently. If they cannot, we will go back to the legislature to revoke this appropriation.”

The plans for the bathroom sparked extreme public outrage late last week in the wake of the report from the Chronicle about its insane cost, along with the fact that it would not be able to be actually utilized until well into 2025. It would be used to create a single public bathroom, consisting of one toilet within a massive 150-square-foot area.

Members of the community have been requesting a bathroom be installed in the area. Matt Haney, one assembly member, allegedly worked to secure the funds out of the annual budget of California for this year, and it was Newsom’s office directly that spokes to him the same day that the story went public.

“I support not spending the money — the cost is ridiculous, and it will take far too long,” expressed Haney on Friday.

“Noe Valley should get a bathroom, but $1.7 million should pay for seven bathrooms, and it should happen much quicker,” tacked on Haney. “I fully support and agree with the governor here, and we’re going to work together to get this done cheaper and quicker and also send the message that San Francisco needs to fix its broken processes.”

Haney was slated to host a massive celebratory event this past week for the toilet but officially canceled it in the wake of the scheme backfiring. Haney attempted to reach out the Phil Ginsburg,  the Director of Recreation and Parks, for further details and Gins burg stated it was the very first time that Haney has put forth questions about the plan. Ginsburg explained that the rising costs of construction and the various political changes regarding codes were the reasoning for the “long and expensive” plan. He also highlighted that other restroom facilities in the area have cost roughly the same amount.

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