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Looks Who Was Spotted In DC While Biden’s Out Of Town During Debt Negotiation

President Joe Biden left the White House Friday ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, despite facing criticism from fellow Democrats concerning his handsoff role in debtceiling negotiations.

Speaking to reporters on the White House lawn, Biden said he wasvery optimistic that a deal would be reached.

I hope well have some clear evidence tonight before the clock strikes 12 that we have a deal, but its very close, he said.And Im optimistic.

Biden then went on to fly to Camp David in Maryland and to his home state of Delaware, where he is scheduled to return this Sunday. This came as House Democrats expressed their frustration at his detachment from the talks, with one Democrat exclaiming to Politico,Youre going to see a caucus thats so pissed if hes stupid enough to do that.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen then announced on Friday that there would be a four-day delay in the debtceiling talks and that the government would not run out of money until June 5th. This has taken some of the pressure off the talks, though it still requires House and Senate approval for any proposed deal to go through.

Prior to leaving town, Biden held two events to celebrate the winning teams of the March Madness mens and womens basketball competitions. During the womens LSU event, freshman forward SaMyah Smith collapsed while Biden gave his speech, after which the White House press office released a statement criticizing House Republicans for pushing acruel and senseless work requirement for food stamps.

The president plans to visit Arlington National Cemetery on Monday to honor the nations war dead before traveling back to Delaware.

Former President Obama and Former First Lady Michelle Obama were also seen leaving a residence in Washington D.C. Saturday evening, though it is currently unclear where they were headed.

Given the lack of an immediate agreement, it remains to be seen what progress Congress will be able to make on the debtceiling talks before the June 5th date. It is likely that the negotiations will continue to be closely monitored going forward, with pressure mounting on Biden to remain involved.

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