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Legal Suit Slammed On Doctors Who Performed Double-Mastectomy Surgery On Child

One teen is stepping up to go after a large healthcare company and the team of doctors who chose to put her on highly controversial puberty-blocking drugs at age 12 and then carried out a procedure to remove her healthy breasts via a double-mastectomy surgery when she was just 13 years old, hurling accusations at them of “intentional fraud and concealment.”

Now 18 years old and a detransitioner, Layla Jane is being represented by attorney Harmeet Dhillon and has claimed via a letter of intent to sue that she was rushed into choose to undergo a heavily life-altering medical service while she and her family were not ready or properly informed of vital information or associated risks, such as the rate of desistence for childhood gender dysphoria.

“Layla immediately started puberty blockers and testosterone at age 12, and had a double mastectomy at age 13,” explained the legal letter which was sent out.

“Two of Layla’s initial providers advised that per Kaiser’s official policies, Layla could not start cross-sex hormones until she was 16 and advised that surgery was not permissible until age 18,” continued the letter. “But, soon thereafter, Layla ended up in the hands of Dr. [Susanne E.] Watson, Dr. [Lisa Kristine] Taylor, and Dr. [Winnie Mao Yiu] Tong. These doctors immediately approved Layla for cross-sex hormones and a double mastectomy at ages 12-13, without performing an adequate evaluation and treatment of Layla’s extensive mental health co-morbidities.”

“I don’t think I should have been allowed to change my sex before I could legally consent to have sex,” stated Layla as part of an appearance made on Fox News this past week. “I don’t think I’m better off for the experience, and I think transition just completely added fuel to the fire that was my pre-existing conditions.”

The letter also alleged that doctors “pushed” the uninformed child and per parents to take the “transition path, engaging in intentional, malicious, and oppressive concealment of important information and false representations.”

“This concealment included, among other things, the lack of adequate clinical research supporting this treatment, particularly for 12-year-old girls; the existence of high-quality clinical research contra-indicating treatment; the 80-90% desistence rates for childhood gender dysphoria; and the significant possibility of detransition and regret,” the letter concludes. “The fraudulent misrepresentations included, among other things, falsely representing that Layla’s gender dysphoria and co-morbid mental health symptoms would not resolve without imitation sex change transition, falsely representing that Layla presented an increased risk of suicide unless she transitioned, and presenting Layla’s parents with the false dilemma that: ‘would they rather have a live son, or a dead daughter?'”

Yet another detransitioned 18-year-old woman, Chloe Cole, announced just last month the very first official lawsuit targeting the same health care group in the United States which also pushed the medical gender transition of a minor.

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