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Lawmaker Proposes Scrapping Climate Program in Favor of National Security

Oklahoma Republican Representative Josh Brecheen has introduced the Stop Climate Hysteria in Diplomacy Act, a bill aimed at eliminating the position of U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate currently held by John Kerry. According to Brecheen, the legislation is intended to counter what he perceives as President Biden’s use of climate change as a pretext to expand bureaucracy within the State Department. The bill specifically targets the Climate Change Support Office, established by Executive Order 14027, which supports Kerry in his role.

Brecheen argues that the Climate Change Support Office, characterized as a pet project for Kerry, is designed to integrate climate change considerations into all aspects of U.S. foreign policy decisions. The proposed legislation seeks to nullify Executive Order 14027, stating that it “shall have no force or effect.”

The Oklahoma representative contends that by eliminating what he views as a redundant office, Congress can prevent the United States from prioritizing what he terms “radical climate policy” over national security. Representatives Glenn Grothman (R-WI) and Eric Burlison (R-MO) have co-sponsored the bill.

John Kerry, in his role as the Presidential Envoy for Climate, supports diplomatic engagements on climate change and works to integrate President Biden’s anti-climate change stance into all aspects of foreign policy. The introduction of the bill aligns with ongoing Republican opposition to perceived excessive climate policies.

Kerry faced criticism in mid-July for a lack of success during a three-day trip to China, where no agreements were reached with the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gases. Chinese leader Xi Jinping held a two-day climate conference without inviting Kerry, prompting questions about the effectiveness of Kerry’s diplomatic efforts.


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