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Kanye West Kicks Off Another Anti-Semitic Rant During Chris Cuomo Interview

Fashion mogul and famed rapper Kanye West kicked off yet another episode of his lengthening anti-semitic episode this past Monday evening while speaking in an interview from his car with Chris Cuomo with NewsNation.

This most recent segment comes to the public as West, who has legally changed his first name from Kanye, has been embroiled in controversy after controversy for multiple weeks now due to the plethora of anti-semitic comments that he has issued which resulted in his suspension across most social media platforms. When the topic was pulled into focus by Cuomo, West claimed that he did not like the term “anti-Semitic.”

“It’s been a term that’s allowed people specifically in my industry, to get away, to get away with murder sometimes, literally,” he exclaimed while offering zero evidence to back up the claim. “And get away with robbing and doing bad people, people always say, ‘I got screwed on a deal.’ Would that could come as a surprise to you if I said, ‘Hey, a music exec screwed someone on our deal?’ Does that sound kind of like normal commonplace to you?”

“You’re saying it’s anti-Semitic, but I don’t believe in that term,” expressed West. “One thing is, black people also Jew, I classify as Jew also. So I actually can’t be anti-Semite. So the term is actually, it’s not factual.”

West then continued to ramble on about a large number of seemingly unconnected ideas and topics, which included his claim that a woman could have “one bad man in her life” which makes her dislike men, after which he swapped topics to state that he has been “screwed” “over 10 times” by various people over the course of the last two years.

West also repeatedly angrily shouted at Cuomo if the host attempted to take control of the interview in any way shape or form, often seeming visibly upset even on camera.

“Everyone wants to shoot the, shoot the messenger and you, look at how your appointments going to start, you have to understand, but the thing is, the Jewish people that I’m talking about, don’t have to understand,” stated West. “And that is that privilege that I’m not going to allow. When I wore the ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt, the Jewish underground media mafia already started attacking me. They canceled my four SoFi stadium shows, right? They had the press, the same people, the seven, eight outlets that when I was arguing with Pete Davidson and Trevor Noah, they called me ‘an abuser’ for arguing with people about my ex-wife and my family and when I get to see my kids, and when I don’t, and they just immediately disrespect me. They keep that crazy narrative going.”

“They never call me a billionaire,” whined West. “We never talked about even on this one right here. Hey, tycoon, billionaire, a visionary, inventor. These are never used. If you go to like, New York Times, or Wall Street Journal, whatever. They always say, ‘the rapper, the rapper,’ it was hard enough for us to get ‘fashion designer’.”

After West ranted for quite a while, Cuomo jumped in, “So look, there is no Jewish media cabal mafia.”

“That is a figment of either your imagination or a projection of a prejudice,” he went on. “You may have had bad business dealings with people. It’s about those people. It’s not about their religion or faith. And I know that you are intelligent, and understand that when you target people because of their faith, other people may do so the same. They’ve been targeted before, they’ve been abused, and killed because of what they believe and who they are. So we don’t want to tolerate that. And you’re playing into that right now whether you know that or not.”

West fired back by stating that he would not “tolerate it as a black person” as he then made the claim that the majority of executives from Hollywood “are Jewish.”

“You realize when I wore a red hat that my life was threatened by my Jewish managers, by my Jewish lawyer, by my Jewish accountant, [inaudible]–” exclaimed West.

“Your lawyer and your accountant threatened your life?” questioned the host.

“No,” answered West. “not specifically the accountant, but there were many people who threatened my life. Also, my family was torn apart off of my political opinion, because of my ex wife’s attachment to the Clinton administration. I mean, they were getting my ex-wife to push the vaccination. I didn’t realize how attached they were to the left’s agenda.”

Once Cuomo explained to him that society would not tolerate or accept his newfound anti-semitism, West answered “I don’t have to understand or accept, because they’re not willing to understand or accept.”

West repeatedly attempted to imply that there exists a conspiracy that stated that they need to have Jewish people all celebrity contracts in order to maintain control over them.

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