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Judge Set Pre-Trial Conditions During Hunter Hearing

The U.S. District Court in Wilmington, Delaware heard the case of Robert Hunter Biden on Wednesday as Hunter pleaded not guilty to three counts of federal tax and firearm charges. The Minute Entry for the proceedings states that Hunter was released on pre-trial conditions, including that he continue or actively seek employment, communicate international travel plans, and remain totally alcohol and drug free.

The charges stem from an FBI investigation from the Burlington County, NJ prosecutor’s office into possible money laundering and foreign influence influencing US elections. Hunter is accused of neglecting to pay taxes on foreign income and allegedly “knowingly and unlawfully” possessing a semi-automatic pistol without a permit. In addition to charges pertaining to the alleged felonies, Hunter has also been charged with failing to report his income on financial disclosure forms as a lobbyist.

Hunter was released without bail and is only expected to check in with authorities as directed. Whether or not he will be able to remain compliant with the pre-trial conditions is unclear as they, “include not breaking any federal, state, or local law while on release, submitting a DNA sample if authorized under federal statutes, apprising the Court or pre-trial services in writing and ahead of time of any change in address or phone number, and appearing in court in Delaware when ordered to do so.”

Therefore, Hunter must remain compliant with the pre-trial conditions if he hopes to remain free without bail pending his trial. So far, he has met every requirement aside from submitting briefs with both parties. Per the Minute Entry, Hunter’s legal team is expected to file briefs on the issues raised within 30 days, which may indicate if the case will resolve prior to trial.

Judge Maryellen Noreika at the hearing has imposed strict conditions on Hunter’s release which she believes will ensure that Hunter remains within the confines of the law while he awaits trial. For Hunter, maintaining full compliance will be the only way to receive the justice he seeks.

Hunter Biden and his legal team exited the courthouse about 30 minutes after the hearing ended and has yet to make a statement. It is unclear at this time how this case will play out, but Fox News will keep you updated as the story develops.

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