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Judge Jeanine Calls Out Kamala Harris While Labeling Her A Disaster To The Office

Judge Jeanine Pirro, a host for Fox News, initiated an intense and long rant targeting Vice President Kamala Harris as part of the Tuesday broadcast of “The Five,” the network’s evening panel show.

Pirro unloaded on the Vice President for making the claim that the U.S.-Mexico border was entirely “secure” — and for her repeated use of former President Donald Trump and the various Republican governors as a scapegoat for the currently raging crisis —  stating that those people could disregard anything she claimed after she made that comment because they could been 100% sure that she was outright lying.


“Look, I don’t know how the woman gets out of bed and faces the world. She is a catastrophe,” stated Pirro, joking that Harris should have chosen to dodge the talk with NBC’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers” and instead tried to make an appearance on “Gutfeld!” alongside that shows host Greg Gutfeld.

” The number one comedy show, which is — what is the name of that show?” she questioned sarcastically as Gutfeld, who sat just across the room from Pirro, idly moved around some papers while laughing.

“Look, you know, maybe when she says the border is secure, maybe you shouldn’t have to listen to anything after that because you know it’s a lie,” she went on. “So it doesn’t matter whether that stops someone from hearing the other things she’s saying because you know right then and there that she’s lying.”

“And then she says, ‘I love Joe Biden,’” Pirro went on, highlighting the fact that Harris had effectively marked Biden as a segregationist from the debate stage back as part of the 2020 presidential primaries.

“She said, ‘Having been vice president, he knows what the job involves,’” stated Pirro, going on to explain, “She’s basically selling herself to you saying because he was vice president, he could be a good president, so I could be a good president, too — but everybody knows Joe’s a disaster and you’re a disaster, too!”

Pirro went on to highlight a number of particular issues that Harris — who was set up to deal with the Biden administration’s efforts to take control of the border and deal with the problem of illegal immigration — outright failed to deal with, such as the problems with extreme human and drug trafficking. Instead of dealing with the issues assigned to her, Harris hurled criticism at both Governors Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Greg Abbott (R-TX) for relocating illegal migrants to area that had labeled themselves as sanctuary cities, arguing that they were not doing their due diligence of taking care of the migrants that had illegally made their way across the border.

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