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Joe Biden Issues Another Amazing Quote Attempting To Praise Himself For A Strong Economy While Simultaneously Showing Massive Inflation

Recently, Old Uncle Joe took a pause while munching on an ice cream cone to brag about himself by stating that the economy of the United States was “strong as hell” — all directly in the face that the rate of inflation for the ice cream cone he was currently snacking on alone was 13.6% over this past year.

Biden, who is known to take a pit stop for a cone as he goes about his business around town, expressed this past weekend that he had no worries at all concerning the American economy so much as he was about the economies of other nations around the world.


“Just one more economic question,” pressed one reporter of Biden as the president started to chow down on his ice cream. “Are you concerned about the strength of the dollar right now?”

“I’m not concerned about the strength of the dollar, I’m concerned about the rest of the world,” answered Biden as he tried to eat. “Does that make sense?”

“Our economy is strong as hell,” stated the President. “The internal — inflation is worldwide, it’s worse off everywhere else than it is in the United States. So the problem is a lack of economic growth and sound policy in other countries, not so much ours.”

“It’s worldwide inflation, that’s a consequence of —” was all he got out before Biden just outright walked away from the microphone mid-sentence.

The Biden administration has been known to repeatedly try and downplay the massive inflation that is being seen all over the country, utilizing month-over-month averages to express that the rates of inflation are leveling out or possibly starting to fall — but currently, the year-over-year averages (over 8% consistently) have hit record-shattering levels that have not been experienced in the past forty years.

To go along with this and make things worse for officials within the Biden administration, the 8% average is just, in fact, the average. Quite a few American families have experienced inflation rates that are much higher for items they need to live, feed their families, and to actually travel to and from their jobs.

A massive line-item breakdown that highlights the inflation rates for September –which was made public by the Bureau of Labor Statistics — shows that quite a few items have been dealing with rates much higher than the “average” of 8% since back in September of 2021.

The cost of gas for heating homes and cooking jumped by 33.1%,  all airline travel has spiked up almost 43%, the price of eggs has spiked — in part due to a massive outbreak in avian influenza coinciding with the inflation rate — by 30.5%, Gas is still up by almost 18.2%.


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