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Jim Acosta Get’s Into It With Guest

CNN host Jim Acosta sparked controversy during a recent interview with Republican Rep. Ralph Norman, where he adamantly denied the obvious: that the border is open.

The discussion centered around the ongoing and accelerating crisis at the border, with Norman stating the simple fact that the border is currently open. This, however, seemed to trigger Acosta, who proceeded to have a meltdown on live television.

In response to Norman’s statement about the need for border patrol agents to do their job and build a wall with designated points of entry, Acosta immediately interjected and asked for evidence to support Norman’s claim that the Biden administration was intentionally keeping the border open for power.

It’s worth noting that Acosta was quick to dismiss Norman’s statement as mere rhetoric, without providing any evidence to counter it himself. But Norman wasn’t fazed by Acosta’s interruption and continued to point out the obvious: the border is open and it’s a crisis that cannot be ignored.

Acosta, known for his abrasive and often childish behavior during the Trump administration, did not hold back in this interview either. When Norman tried to bring attention to the suffering and violence occurring at the border, Acosta arrogantly shut him down, declaring that he would be the one asking the questions.

To say that the border is not open is simply a talking point, Acosta argued. But the reality is, in August, the United States set a record for the most illegal crossings in history. Entire caravans are walking across bridges and fording rivers, while the Border Patrol are being ordered to cut razor wire and open doors instead of actually securing the border.

Acosta’s denial of the open border crisis is not only grossly inaccurate, but it also shows a complete disregard for the dire situation at the border. Illegal immigrants are being given passage into the interior, many of whom will never be heard from again, while the Biden administration actively fights against attempts by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to use the National Guard to help control the situation.

The reality is that the border is open, and it’s a crisis that has long passed the breaking point. Acosta can try to argue otherwise, but no amount of semantic argument is going to change the truth. And it’s a truth that Americans are becoming increasingly aware of and demanding accountability for in the next election.

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