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Jewish Father Unloads On Dem Leaders About Attacked Son

The father of a young Jewish man that was recently savagely attacked in the middle of Times Square has opened up to go after a pair of New York Democrat leaders, Senator Chuck Schumer and Rep. Jerrold Nadler, for failing to actually respond when he tried to reach out to them in the wake of the horrific broad daylight attack.

Barry Borgen –the father in question whose son Joey was sporting a yarmulke at the time of the alleged savage beating by Waseem Awawdeh, Mahmoud Musa, Faisal Elezzi, and Mohammed Othman — first focused on Nadler when he spoke this past Monday at the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing about the growing list of victims in Manhattan of violent crime.

“Mr. Nadler, you’re a Jewish New Yorker,” started Borgen. “I called your office numerous times. I called Mr. Schumer’s office, another Jewish New Yorker, numerous times. No one called us back.”

“You’re a Jewish New Yorker,” he went on. “You have Jewish roots here. Behavior like this enables DA [Alvin] Bragg to just do whatever he wants to do. If you guys would have come out with a statement from Washington and said that we condemn the beating of Mr. Borgen’s son, we condemn this act, maybe Mr. Bragg would have taken this case a little more seriously.”

“And I call you out on it,” he stated. “Most of my friends are so disheartened with you and Mr. Schumer you don’t understand. We wouldn’t vote for Mr. Schumer again … And if I lived in Manhattan I wouldn’t vote for you either.”

The son, Joey Borgen, stated that he remembered that his attackers had called him a “dirty Jew” and screamed, “F*** Israel, Hamas is going to kill all of you.”

Bragg was quick to hand out a six-month plea bargain to Awawdeh, who allegedly expressed to the jailer in the wake of the attack, “If I could do it again, I would do it again. I have no problem doing it again.”

“It’s disgusting how Mr. Bragg calls himself a crime fighter, the man does nothing,” exclaimed Barry Borgen. “He offered people who tried to kill my son six months in jail, one guy to walk away because maybe he hit him once. It is a hate crime.”

“[The light sentence] shows that it’s open season on anybody, be it an Asian, an African-American, Jewish, Muslim,” Barry Borgen went on. “It’s basically open season. If you can’t prosecute, put people away for a hate crime, I don’t know what else is there besides murder, God forbid. It’s just disgusting, it’s not right.”

“I feel like I have a target on my back sometimes, but it’s getting better and better,” expressed Joey Borgen, who in the attack sustained a concussion. “Hopefully the DA does their job and brings accountability and justice to everyone who deserves it.”

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