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James O’Keefe Responds To The Board Of Directors Choice To Remove Him From His Company

This past Monday evening, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe released an extended video in which he explained his side of the story when it comes to the events which resulted in his being stripped of his power as CEO of the company and losing his spot on the board of directors.

As part of a massive 45-minute video, O’Keefe elected to explain that he has had his power and authority as the CEO of the company and removed him from the group’s board of directors.

O’Keefe explained that he had absolutely zero ideas as to why this was taking place all of the sudden and claimed that he thought that he could learn to be far more compassionate and warm towards the people with which he works since he is a very goal-oriented leader.

“I have extremely high standards, and somewhat disorganized,” he stated. “I haven’t always been the most compassionate leader and that is admittedly a fault of mine. Something I need to work on.”

He stated that the only thing that he had altered over the past few weeks was the recent unveiling of the undercover sting videos which spotlighted an employee for Pfizer that was making claims about things that were taking place inside the labs of the pharmaceutical titan.

“The only thing that has changed is that we broke the biggest story in our organization’s history,” he went on. “You know that one I’m talking about? Pfizer. The last week of January with 50 million views, that like broke the record by like 10x. Our video became a global phenomenon. It was about Pfizer, and one of the directors discussing mutating the virus, our confrontation video where he locked me in a pizza restaurant with you and you and he smashed the equipment and called the police. That became a phenomenon and was riveting television for audiences glued to their screens.”

O’Keefe went on to document a series of events that unfolded very quickly inside the company that involved a high-pressure campaign from a number of individuals attempting to force him to step down.

He claimed that the nexus of the conflict seemed to be “a conflict of visions” when it comes to various aspects of how the company was being handled.

O’Keefe stated that the company was making its recent choices due to an alleged financial crisis, which they say stemmed from O’Keefe’s alleged use of charter flights, black car services, and other company expenses that O’Keefe claimed were being entirely misrepresented.

O’Keefe then seemed to speak about his future, stating that he was not yet done with his work, even if it does not continue with Project Veritas.

“Our mission continues on. I’m not done,” he stated. “The mission will perhaps take on a new name.”


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