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Jake Tapper Makes A Stunning Admission

In a contentious exchange during the 2020 Presidential debates, former President Donald Trump accused former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden of corrupt business dealings. On Thursday, CNN host and Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper conceded that Trump was correct in his claims.

Providing a look back at the debate bouts between the candidates three years ago, Tapper played a compilation of the two debates and compared them with a recent report from Washington Post chief-fact checker Glenn Kessler, showing that Biden was proven wrong in his claims.

“Glenn Kessler from the Washington Post had a fact check about Joe Biden from earlier this month noting that Hunter Biden admitted in court in July that he was in fact paid substantial sums from Chinese companies,” Tapper confirmed.

The breakdown in Kessler’s report found that Hunter Biden reported nearly 2.4 million dollars in income in the year 2017, and 2.2 million dollars in income in 2018, most of which came from Chinese and Ukrainian interests.

This led Tapper to admit that “Trump was right,” that Hunter Biden had made a fortune from Ukrainian, Chinese, and Moscow businesses. Though he didn’t directly accuse Biden of lying, he stated that the president might have had “a blind spot” about his son.

In response to denying Trump’s claims in the debates, Joe Biden declared, “None of that is true.” However, former Congressman Andy Levin provided a more forgiving assessment of Biden’s misstatements, saying, “I think dads sometimes, and parents sometimes, have blind spots about their kids for sure and the president may be no exception. But nothing has tied the president to any of Hunter’s dealings.”

CNN’s political analysis John Avlon later shared on the same program that Biden has been “very obsessed” with the negative coverage stemming from Hunter Biden and the details surrounding his alleged business dealings.

“And in private also, I’ve heard reports that he’s very obsessed with the negative coverage of Hunter,” Avlon stated.

Though Hunter Biden recently admitted to his association with Chinese companies in court, and many Americans continue to wonder about the implications of his alleged business dealings, President Joe Biden has yet to make a formal statement addressing the issue.

On Thursday, Jake Tapper put an official fact-check stamp on the debate exchange, admitting that former President Trump was “right” in his allegations about Hunter Biden’s business dealings. As the inquiry into the alleged corruption continues, only time will tell if the President will be forced to address the topic that has been “very obsessed” with in his private life.

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