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Israeli Parents Given A Warning & It Might Be A Good Idea For All Of Us

Israeli parents are on high alert as news breaks of Hamas terrorists taking hostages and threatening to release videos of their torture and pleas for mercy. The warning has been issued for parents to remove popular social media apps, TikTok and Instagram, from their children’s phones as it is believed that Hamas will use these platforms to spread their propaganda.

This devastating news comes after Israel Minister for Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer revealed in an interview with CNN that scores of hostages, including Americans, have been taken by Hamas. Among the hostages are women, children, and even Holocaust survivors. Dermer condemned the terrorist group for their actions, calling it a “savage attack.”

The number of hostages taken by Hamas is estimated to be at least 150, according to The New York Times. Israeli military officials have also confirmed that families of at least 50 Israelis have been informed that their loved ones have been taken hostage by Hamas.

One of the victims, Yoni Asher, shared his heart-wrenching experience after seeing a video of his wife and two young daughters, who are just babies, being held captive by Hamas. “My two little girls, they’re only babies. They’re not even five years old and three years old,” Asher said tearfully.

Hamas, known for their barbaric methods, has shown no mercy with their latest actions. The terrorist group’s leader, Ismail Haniyeh, has warned that the “file will not be opened until the end of the battle,” indicating that their hostages will not be released until their demands are met.

The brutality of Hamas was already evident in videos released before the revelation of the hostages being taken. In a shocking discovery, Israeli military forces found at least 40 babies brutally murdered in a kibbutz in southern Israel after driving out Hamas terrorists who had overrun the area.

i24 News correspondent Nicole Zedeck, reporting from Kfar Aza, described the scene as unimaginable. She saw “baby cribs thrown to the side” and “strollers left behind” after the terrorists, estimated to be around 70, invaded the community on Saturday.

The kibbutz, where babies are typically all housed together in one nursery, was left in shambles, with evidence of mass casualties. The terrorists had no regard for innocent lives, slaughtering entire families and taking numerous hostages.

The news of the hostages and the horrific murders of babies has left the world in shock and condemnation of Hamas. The Israeli government has vowed to do everything in its power to rescue their citizens and bring those responsible for these heinous acts to justice.

In the face of such tragedy, it is crucial for parents to remain vigilant and protect their children from being exposed to the violence and propaganda spread by terrorist groups like Hamas. The world waits in anticipation for the hostages to be safely reunited with their families and for an end to the violence in the region.

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