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Israel Preps For Attack Against Iran Over Escalating Nuclear Worries

The period of waiting in which the U.S. could step in prior to a full-scale Israeli attack against Iran and its escalating nuclear program is quickly coming to a close, states a retired general for the Israeli military.

Amir Avivi, a Retired Brigadier General, stated that the retreat of the United States from the Middle East, which ended up letting both Russia and China make their way in, is quickly putting hard limits on the options available to Israel when it comes to avoiding conflict. The timeframe for carrying out this attack against Iran has been severely shortened for Israel to as little as a few months time.

An attack from Israel against Iran “is bad for everybody, but this is at the moment what’s going to happen, and maybe happen in three months, in six months, maybe a year,” stated Avivi to The Washington Free Beacon. The retired general has spent close to thirty years as a member of the Israel Defense Forces prior to finding his new role as the chairman of the Israel Defense and Security Forum, an Israeli national security think tank.

Over the past year, Russia and Iran have taken strides to strengthen their ties in the wake of the start of the Russia-Ukraine war last year. Reportedly, Iran has given Russia copious amounts of ammo and a substantial amount of drones to use in its war just as it has tried to pressure Moscow into giving Tehran units of its S-400 missile systems. This anti-air missile system would serve to strengthen the defensive power of Iran and make carrying out any strikes against high-profile targets much more difficult for Israeli forces.

“At the moment, the U.S. is sitting on the fence, not deciding to lead and build a coalition that will stabilize [the region] and challenge” the Russia-Iran alliance, stated Avivi.

“We managed for many years to prevent the Russians from giving the Iranians many capabilities, mainly air defense,” stated the general. “But now the Russians are so dependent on Iran that they’re willing to assist Iran further. Israel needs to take into account that it’s not only about this red line, but our ability to act.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been vocal about his concerns regarding the progress that Iran has made in regard to nuclear power back in February while attending a national security conference.

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