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Investigative Report Uncovers Alleged Shady Book Deal By SCOTUS Judge

The radical left is once again engaging in a disingenuous display of selective outrage, this time over the off-bench activities of Supreme Court Justices whom Democrats disagree with politically.

In a recent report by the Associated Press, it is revealed that Justice Sonia Sotomayor has benefitted “from schools’ purchases of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of the books she has written over the years” and that her staff often prods public institutions that host her to buy her books. The report states that Sotomayor has earned at least $3.7 million from her books since joining the court in 2009.

Not only did Sotomayor’s staff routinely ask these public institutions to purchase her books, they also demanded that schools purchase more books than usual to ensure that attendees had to buy or have access to the justice’s book in order to meet her.

Meanwhile, Democrats and their supporters have been screaming for months about supposed “norm-shattering” activities of originalist Supreme Court Justices — activities that supposedly require drastic changes to the highest court in the land — such as attending a political conference or having contact with political organizations.

How ironic, then, that these same left-wing activists and Democrats are ignoring the same off-bench activities by one of their own Supreme Court Justices.

Even more ironic is that the left-wing activists and Democrats using their selective outrage are doing so to target those justices who have dared to rule against the liberal agenda while ignoring the activities of liberal justices.

It is clear that the current crusade against the Supreme Court — with calls to pack it with more liberal justices — has nothing to do with justices’ off-bench activities and is instead an attempt to rig the Court so that it will rule in favor of the progressive agenda rather than adhering to the Constitution’s vision for the federal government.

It isn’t the first time Democrats have made threats to pack the Court, but this time the left-wing radicals and Democrats understand that their attempts to intimidate principled, originalist justices have failed. Thus, they have resorted to targeting the very institution of the Supreme Court, in order to regain the one-party rule of the judicial branch, and install liberal justices who can hand down decisions according to the will of the far-left.

It’s time for Democrats and their supporters to stop using selective outrage to target originalist justices, and instead focus on the unchecked off-bench activities of all Supreme Court Justices. Otherwise, their recent charade will only reveal their attempts to rig the high court and pack it with liberal justices for the sole purpose of achieving their progressive agenda.

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