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Hosts of ‘The View’ Get Riled Up Over Recent Release Of J6 Tapes

The hosts of the quite popular ABC midday talk show “The View” — including the program’s new Republican co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin —  seemed to finally agree as of this past Wednesday in their anger in order to attack House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for handing over multiple thousands of hours of January 6 footage to Tucker Carlson, a host for Fox News.

The women sitting on the panel all spoke out to explain their issues — which ranged from complaints about the idea that Carlson works as a member of Fox News to issues that anyone that is releasing the footage could allow possible terrorists access to information about the security around the Capitol.

Leading the pack was Joy Behar who quickly attacked both Fox News and Carlson directly. “They go on the air and tell people all these lies that they don’t even believe themselves. And now he’s handed all this footage from January 6 to propagandize on Fox,” she exclaimed, going on to add that Carlson “is saying to us basically, don’t believe your eyes, believe what I tell you.”


“This raises huge safety and security concerns for the Capitol,” chimed in Griffin to agree, stating that the showing of that kind of footage to the American public allowed everyone the ability to know the locations of a number of security cameras set up around the Capitol building and could also leak information about possible escape routes and any safe rooms which are located all throughout the facility.

“As a Republican, we always say we ‘back the blue,'” she stated, going on to finish, “Well, you just exposed the entire Capitol and undermined the Capitol Police and their safety precautions for something like a January 6, were it to ever happen again, or something like 9/11 where the Capitol was targeted.”

In the wake of Behar quickly interrupting to suggest that it could even be illegal for Carlson to have access to the tapes,  Sunny Hostin, a former prosecutor and current co-host,  corrected that it was not illegal before going on to complain that Carlson was not actually real news and argued that he would not give a fair showing to the released footage.


Another co-host, Sara Haines, chimed in to agree that Carlson would not actually present what they called the “news” and stated that she was agreeing with Griffin that the main issue was whether or not the showing of the footage would endanger security.




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