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Homeowners Cam Captures The Stuff Of Nightmares

It‘s been noted that some of the strangest news of late has come out of Canada‘s beautiful British Columbia, and now something truly chilling has emerged from the small town of Powell River. Locals have reported two women, dressed in what can only be described as scantily clad, eating from a dead deer carcass on the property of nurse Corinea Stanhope.

When Stanhope set up a trail camera to capture the animals that might scavenge her property to see the carcass, she had no idea that she would capture something much more awful than a bobcat or a coyote. In the security camera footage, Stanhope says she witnessed something that could only be described as acarcasseating ritual,” in the eerie depiction of two women wearing minimal clothing and eating from the animal‘s corpse.

This invasion of a nurse‘s land strikes fear among other residents and has sent shockwaves through the small community. Stanhope, who lives close to the location where the incident took place, says her family wasfreaked out and that the presence of these two women so close to her home has caused her to fear for the safety of her horses.

The nurse has stated that she is hoping that it was some kind of prank or that the two women involved were under the influence of drugs, and she has decided against contacting the authorities as she believes there is nothing illegal about the incident. She went on further to say that it was not easy to tell what the women were actually doing with the carcass, whether they werekissing it, smelling or eating it,” but that it made her feel sick to even imagine the amount of bacteria that must have been on the dead deer.

This kind of strange incident isn‘t typical in British Columbia, and residents are worried to learn that these apparentwitches were mere minutes away from Stanhope‘s home. In other news of the bizarre, many people are now asking whether this is an isolated incident or if a cult or group of similar people are carrying out these unsuspecting rituals nearby.

No matter what suspicions arise, one thing is certainly clear: the local residents of Powell River must now be cognizant of their surroundings and keep their security systems on alert for any suspicious activity taking place in the future. No one should ever have to witness such a chilling sight.

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