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Hollywood Upset Over AI

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) is currently in a massive strike against Hollywood studios over their unregulated use of artificial intelligence (AI). The writers are demanding that the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) regulate the use of AI in projects covered by its agreements and declare that AI can‘t write or rewrite literary material or be used as source material.

The WGA is also concerned that the use of AI in Hollywood may hurt efforts to diversify the industry. The organization wants to ensure that written material covered under union agreements with the studios can‘t be used to train AI.

In response, the studios have rejected the WGA‘s demands, proposing instead that annual meetings be held to discuss advancements in technology. In a document sent to Axios, the AMPTP attempted to address the concerns, saying that AIraises hard, important creative and legal questions for everyone.”

The AMPTP also noted that, under the current WGA agreement, AIgenerated material would not be eligible for writing credit. However, this does not satisfy many writers, who worry that AI could potentially replace them.

I‘ve gotten onto ChatGPT to mess around with it and it‘s not quite there yet, but the studios are pushing really hard on that issue and don‘t even want to talk about it because they‘re pushing hard for that to work,” said writer Jorge Rivera.

Christina Piña, who chairs the Latinx Writers Committee for the WGA, echoed Rivera‘s sentiments, saying that AI has an inherent bias andwill continue to implement systemic issues in our society around race.”

Mando Alvarado, another writer, criticized studio executives for their refusal to agree on AI, saying that they are being shortsighted.AI can replace all of us. I think that‘s the part [studio executives] don‘t really see AI can decide what movie to make,” Alvarado said.

The WGA has been outspoken about its stance against the use of AI in Hollywood and is adamant that the studios should take steps to ensure that writers are not replaced by technology. The writers hope that by striking, they can pressure the studios to come to an agreement that both sides can be satisfied with.

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