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Hillary Clinton Speaks Out About Accidentally Leaving Her Daughter Inside The Kremlin

Quite a few parents can recall a story about a time that they ended up leaving their kid behind somewhere, be it a library or maybe at their grandmother’s house, however, the story is on an entirely different scale when it comes to Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, as she has publically admitted on live national television that she one ended up leaving her young daughter, Chelsea Clinton, behind inside of the Russian Kremlin.

The former first lady and her daughter were together to make a joint appearance on the Tuesday evening episode of “The Tonight Show” hosted by Jimmy Fallon. During the show, Clinton seemingly accidentally let a small nugget of information slip as part of a mother-daughter challenge game created to see just how well the pair knew each other.


To play the game on the show, Chelsea was made to put o a pair of headphones that would stop her from listening in on the answer to a question from her mother, after which she was to take off the headphones in order to give her answer to the same question in order to see if the pair would give the same answer.

As the daughter jammed along to the music obscuring her hearing within the headphones, Fallon quickly went to Hillary and asked her to tell him a story about the “craziest family vacation memory.”

Clinton took a second to think before pointing out that they had quite a few interesting travel memories between the two, but one event did seem to stand out to her: “I hope she doesn’t remember this because it was pretty traumatic.”

“Those are the best stories,” cut in Fallon, giggling.

“We took her to Russia — Russia — when we went on a state visit when Bill was president, and there were the formal goodbyes —”

Chelsea, who could only see her mother becoming more and more animated as she told the story, turned to face the audience to mouth at them the words “what are they talking about?”

“So Bill and I were ushered into the Beast, the big limousine, to head to the airport, not knowing that we had left her behind,” Clinton went on and the audience finally cracked and exploded with raucous laughter.

“Wow!” stated Fallon.

“I mean, can you imagine?” Clinton stated all while sporting wide and wild eyes. “Leaving my only child in the Kremlin, especially with everything that has happened?”

At that point, Fallon quickly turned to Chelsea to make her take the headphones off and join the conversation by indicating it was her time to answer the question. She admitted that the entire time they had been talking she had been trying to read lips to figure out what was being said.

“But I didn’t succeed at all,” she expressed.

Fallon then repeated his question, to which the daughter answered, “Oh gosh, now I wish we had been chased by a bear or something.”

“Close,” stated Fallon, stifling laughter.

She then took a few moments in order to think before nodding, saying, “When they left me at the Kremlin.”

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