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Hamas Seen Blocking Evac Roads Says Report

Tensions in the Gaza Strip continue to escalate as Hamas attempts to block Palestinians from evacuating the northern Gaza Strip. On Saturday, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) warned residents to evacuate the area due to planned military operations in Gaza City. However, Hamas has set up roadblocks on the designated evacuation routes, preventing thousands of civilians from leaving the area.

In response to this, the IDF has released a statement urging Gaza City residents to evacuate for their own safety, explaining that Hamas terrorists are hiding in the city and using innocent civilians as human shields. The IDF has also dropped leaflets over the Gaza Strip and published a map showing safe evacuation routes.

Despite these warnings, Hamas officials have called the instructions “false propaganda” and have urged civilians to ignore them. However, footage from the area shows tens of thousands of people fleeing northern Gaza, with reports estimating that 400,000-600,000 people have evacuated by Saturday evening.

In an attempt to further hinder evacuation efforts, Hamas has placed large objects on the designated routes and caused massive traffic jams. The IDF has also shared footage showing the obstruction of evacuation routes by Hamas, as well as footage of a van on the ground exploding. While Palestinian media claimed this was an Israeli airstrike, open-source intelligence accounts analyzed the footage and noted that there was no projectile visible, suggesting that the explosion originated from the van itself.

As tensions continue to rise, the IDF has warned that they will conduct “very broad strikes” in Gaza City in the near future. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has stated that Palestinians will remain in their homes even if they are destroyed.

The ongoing conflict and escalating violence between Israel and Hamas have resulted in a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with civilians caught in the crossfire and facing danger from both sides. The international community has called for de-escalation and the protection of civilian lives, but the situation remains tense as both sides refuse to back down.

In response to the situation, the United Nations has called for an immediate ceasefire and the protection of civilians. The UN also condemned the obstructing of evacuation routes by Hamas, stating that this puts innocent civilian lives at risk.

The situation in Gaza remains volatile and uncertain, with innocent civilians caught in the middle of a conflict between two opposing sides. The international community continues to urge for a peaceful resolution and the protection of the lives of civilians. The IDF has reiterated their stance of avoiding harm to civilian lives as much as possible, but with the ongoing actions of Hamas, the situation remains tense and precarious.

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