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Greg Gutfeld Attacks Geraldo Over Shocking EV Comments

Greg Gutfeld, a host for Fox News, devolved into a rage at Geraldo Rivera while part of the Wednesday evening broadcast of “The Five,” heavily criticizing him about a statement he made about his choice of electric vehicle (EV) and suggesting that he was very out of touch with reality.

Rivera seemingly shrugged off the most recent ploy from President Joe Biden to force the American public to fully accept and use EVs — stricter emissions standards put out by officials within the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — claiming that he would simply just make his next car an electric Bentley.


It could be clearly seen that Gutfeld was having a hard time containing his frustration before Cohost Judge Jeanine Pirro called on him to weigh in on the topic.

“I’m trying to control myself,” stated Gutfeld.

“Why?” Rivera chimed in.

“Because you just said EV Bentley,” stated Gutfeld, pulling a laugh out of another Cohost Jesse Watter. “You just explained why people like you find it so easy to sermonize about electric vehicles — because you can afford it.”

“Are you attacking me?” fired back Rivera, before Gutfeld responded that he was.

“Yes, I am attacking you. You deserve it,” the commentator went on.

Rivera attempted to quickly interrupt, stating that once Gutfeld was finished he would reserve the right to fire off a counter attack.

“Well, no, the thing is — what I’m pointing out is you said ‘EV Bentley’ to our audience, right? Who has to pay for the charging stations? Our audience, right? Who has to pay for the transition from gas to electric stoves? Our audience,” laid out Gutfeld.

“Who has to pay for the cancer they get when they — from the gas-powered cars?” Rivera tried to but in with another interruption.

“The transition — ah, God, you don’t even have the science to back that up,” stated Gutfeld. “You have to bear the brunt of your beliefs. You don’t, because you can afford an EV Bentley. We’re telling our audience to suck on it.”

Rivera then quickly pivoted, asking Gutfeld if he would be willing to talk about the kind of car he drove — to which gutfeld quickly obliged and responded that he drove a Chrysler and stating that it had come with a simple $45,000 price tag.

“It’s no Bentley,” he stated mockingly.

Rivera then attempted to alter the narrative with a different tactic, recalling back to when he first moved to California and stating that the air pollution at the time had been so bad that he was unable to see over the freeway — but Gutfeld quickly rushed back in.

“You stepped in it,” he finished, adding, “I’ll back off. I’m going to back off.”


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