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Good Guy With Gun Stops Active Shooter, Then Officials Try To Cover It Up

Las Vegas is usually known as a city of glitz and glamor, but this past Friday the home of Sin City lived up to another of its other famous names: Shooters Paradise. An unidentified active shooter entered the lobby of the Turnberry Towers, shooting wildly and sending terrified occupants scrambling to find cover. Fortunately, a hero was on handin the form of an armed employee.

The armed defender, who has not yet been identified, confronted the shooter and the two exchanged words. The shooter then fired at the window of the entrance, shattering it, but the wouldbe murderer never got outside the building. Thats because the employee drew their weapon and fired several shots at the shooter, hitting them in the back and causing them to flee.

The shooter was reportedly wearing a militarystyle helmet and carrying a rifle. It is believed that the shooter may have also been wearing body armor because they survived several direct shots to the upper back. It is a miracle that no one else was injured in the incident.

Unfortunately, in the days since, the entire story has been buried by local officials. And the Las Vegas Police Department still refuses to confirm that the shooter was in fact stopped by an armed employee. While there may be valid reasons for concealing the heroic employees identity, it is telling that the authorities have made no attempt to offer the public a basic summary of the incident.

This is not the first time a hero with a gun has stepped in to save lives but it is often unsung due to the political implications of such stories. Nonetheless, it remains true that those who respect the Second Amendment and are responsible with their firearms do not pose a threat to those around them. Rather, they can be a muchneeded source of protection against wouldbe mass shooters.

The anonymous hero of the Turnberry Towers incident is a prime example of why it is important to arm ourselves in the face of danger. Without their selfless action, we can only speculate how much more tragic the outcome of the shooting might have been. Let us hope that some transparency emerges from this incident and that our leaders will learn a valuable lesson from it.

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