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Formula One Takes Extreme Stance On Drivers Making Open Political Statements

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the primary governing body for Formula One racing, has issued a wholesale ban on drivers from issuing open political statements while attending events without first getting permission from the governing body.

FIA revealed its newest rule via an article sent to the International Sporting Code, claiming that the following is a new wholesale violation of the rules: “The general making and display of political, religious and personal statements or comments notably in violation of the general principle of neutrality promoted by the FIA under its Statutes, unless previously approved in writing by the FIA for International Competitions, or by the relevant ASN for National Competitions within their jurisdiction.”

The choice comes after a number of drivers choosing to promote extreme left-wing political ideals over the last few years, including Lewis Hamilton, who has been seen at events in shirts stating, “Black Lives Matter,” “Arrest The Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor,” and much more, explained reports from TMZ. Sebastian Vettel, a recently retired driver, has sported shirts highlighting the LGBT-agenda and a number of other left-wing environmental groups.

It was highlighted by FIA in a release that an update had gone out to the International Sporting Code in order to better reflect the group’s ideals that “political neutrality” is a primary principle, a core stance also held up by the International Olympic Committee’s Code of Ethics, as explained in a release.

“Additionally as stated in Article 1.2 of the FIA Statutes,” the statement went on, “the FIA shall promote the protection of human rights and human dignity, and refrain from manifesting discrimination on account of race, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic or social origin, language, religion, philosophical or political opinion, family situation or disability in the course of its activities and from taking any action in this respect.”

The statement finally explained that the group would also be taking strides to put much more focus on “underrepresented groups” and would make sure to work toward greater gender and racial representation.

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