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Follow the Money: Uncovering the Billionaire Donors Behind Joe Biden’s Campaign

Accessible only to the uber-wealthy, Joe Biden’s table has a new slew of oligarchs who hold the power. The former Vice President’s 2020 campaign marked the first time a political candidate raised over $1 billion. Nearly $600 million of that donation was labeled ‘dark money’ and overshot what the Republican party spent in the same election cycle. As the present expands, so will the number of the biggest power players in Joe Biden’s America.

One of the movers and shakers in the Biden regime is Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz. In the 2020 election cycle, his contributions were a total of $50 million. He also gave $20 million to the Future Forward PAC, which directed $180 million in the 2020 and 2022 elections. Dustin is a name to be recognized with as the Biden campaign currently looks upon Future Forward to be their 2024’s campaign PAC. Asana, a company in which Dustin is currently an investor, shared $6.1 million with the cause. His donations showcased his influence in forming policy agendas, especially surrounding artificial intelligence.

During his time at Alphabet, the parent company of Google, Eric Schmidt also walked away with significant political contributions since 2000. Google gave $11 million mostly to the Democratic party and wielded a $75-million lobbying power. Under Alphabet’s name, Schmidt made a whopping $59 million towards the Democrats, while the lobbying cost for them was at $119 million. President Biden received substantial amounts from this pool of funds with $4.5 million credited to his name. Raising red flags, the former CEO of Google, Schmidt, left Alphabet in 2020 to form Schmidt Futures, a foundation people claim is a nepotistic brainchild. The foundation paid the salaries of two of Biden’s Office of Science and Technology Policy staff, raising ethics concerns. Several of Schmidt’s other organizations actively aided Biden’s campaigning to target voters with technology solutions.

While reeling from the current trend of labor strikes in Hollywood, studio executives’ contributions to the Biden campaign may have slipped through the cracks inconspicuously. Media mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, renowned actor George Clooney, and iconic Tom Hanks organized a string of events that raised a considerable $13 million campaign funds. Katzenberg promised Biden his unwavering support as the duo continues to praise one another in fundraisers even till date. On record, Katzenberg has pledged President Biden ‘all the resources’ needed to win his reelection in 2024.

Having been a financing force to reckon with for a few years, Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, has succeeded as a major influencer of liberal politics and media. Her wealth operates through the Emerson Collective, which consciously sponsors projects like media outlets and social justice causes, amongst others. Tech policy is one of the key focuses of the Biden administration, and Laurene has since acquired power from her organization’s job creation quotas to remain a key player in the guise of a philanthropist.

Driving in at warp speed from Silicon Valley, entrepreneur Reid Hoffman selected the Democrat party as his torchbearer. Facebook’s former executive is renowned as the Silicon Valley’s most connected man. He has a thriving professional relationship with China even though he supports the United States emulating the regime. One of Burnham Securities co-founder’s greatest feats was when he spearheaded a fake announcement to the New York Times in 2018 and implied that election opponent Roy Moore’s social media was helped by a Russian botnet. Nobody knew beforehand. Hoffman has a diverse investment portfolio, making political contributions under his company Greylock Partners but remains adamant about transparency at all costs.

Climate change advocate, Tom Steyer, is another San Francisco-raised philanthropist and investor with lingering interests in the global warming front row. He contributed $73 million to the Biden campaign bill of 2020. Steyer was hired after the polls to advise Biden on climate change issues. Supposing his objectives were genuine, his help in halting drilling permits and pipelines has yielded in increased gas prices at a terrifying speed. The self-declared man against fossil fuels has steered clear of public disapproval since his investments in coal-fired plants and mines are still exhibited in China and Indonesia. Several of Biden’s appointed, financial-influenced White House staff have disclosed ties to Tom Steyer’s obscure contributions.

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