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Florida Governor’s Office Issues Scathing Response To Announcement Of Probe Carried Out By Democrat Sheriff

The office of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shot back at one Democrat sheriff from Texas who made an announcement this past Monday evening that his office would be opening up an investigation into the relocation of the 50 illegal immigrants that were flown last week up to Martha’s Vineyard.

Javier Salazar, the Sheriff for Bexar County, formally announced the start of the investigation as part of a press conference, stating that he was “bother[ed]” by the flights “and so we are absolutely opening up an investigation into this.”

Despite the accusations he was making, Salazar was forced to admit that he could not actually name any laws whatsoever which were being broken and he did not issue any names of any suspects.

One spokesperson for DeSantis’ office issued a response to Salazar’s statements by expressing in a statement: “Immigrants have been more than willing to leave Bexar County after being abandoned, homeless, and ‘left to fend for themselves.'”

“Florida gave them an opportunity to seek greener pastures in a sanctuary jurisdiction that offered greater resources for them, as we expected,” the spokesperson went on. “Unless the MA national guard has abandoned these individuals, they have been provided accommodations, sustenance, clothing and more options to succeed following their unfair enticement into the United States, unlike the 53 immigrants who died in a truck found abandoned in Bexar County this June.”

While attending a press conference, DeSantis stated that the people that were contracted issued the illegal migrants a release form to fill out and an information packet that included a map of the area of Martha’s Vineyard. “So it was obvious that that’s where they were going and they gave that to them,” DeSantis went on.

It was reported this past Monday by Florida’s Voice that they had obtained one of the handouts which were issued to the illegal immigrants before they headed out to Martha’s Vineyard. The outlet stated that they confirmed all of the information within the office of the governor.

The pamphlet, which was written in both Spanish and English for the migrants, was titled: “Massachusetts Refugee Benefits/Massachusetts Beneficios para Refugiados,” and included various images of Massachusetts.

Florida’s Voice stated that the document utilized information “directly from the Massachusetts government website.”


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