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First Busload Of Migrants Hits The Streets Of Chicago After Being Sent By Gov. Abbott

This past Wednesday, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) stated that his administration sent up the first group of migrants north to Chicago due to the insane border crisis that has overrun the border adjacent Texan communities.

Abbott stated that he would put Chicago as one of the top cities on the list for drop-off locations, which have previously included New York City, and Washington D.C. He made the argument that it would give “much-needed relief” to the state’s border towns that are being overrun by the intense influx of migrants flooding over the southern border.

“President Biden’s inaction at our southern border continues putting the lives of Texans — and Americans — at risk and is overwhelming our communities,” stated Abbot in a press release.

Abbott has stated that he is looking forward to the sanctuary city services in Chicago deal with the migrants and the response from Lori Lightfoot, the Mayor of Chicago, who “loves to tout the responsibility of her city to welcome all regardless of legal status.”

“Chicago is a welcoming city and as such has collaborated across various departments and agencies to ensure we greeted them with dignity and respect,” stated one spokesperson for the office of the mayor in a release. “As a city, we are doing everything we can to ensure these immigrants and their families can receive shelter, food, and most importantly, protection.”

The statement went on to state that Chicago welcomes “hundreds of migrants every year” and provides assistance as needed.

“Unfortunately, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is without any shame or humanity,” it went on. “But ever since he put these racist practices of expulsion in place, we have been working with our community partners to ready the city to receive these individuals.”

It was reported by CNN that one state government spreadsheet that was obtained through a request from the Freedom of Information Act showed that Texas has used up more than $12 million on Wynne Transportation charter services that have sent migrants to New York City and Washington since April.

Abbott stated in a news conference back in April that the program would likely force taxpayers take care of part of the bill for the services.

“Because Joe Biden is not securing the border, the state of Texas is having to step up and spend Texas taxpayers’ money doing the federal government’s job,” the governor stated at the time, as reported by CNN.

Officials from Texas have sent out more than 6,500 migrants over to Washington, D.C., and New York City as of the first of August. Arizona has also bused about 1,000 migrants to various other states.

Back in April, Governor Abbott made the claim that if Biden were to call an end to Title 42 expulsions, the impact could soon result in well over 18,000 migrants apprehensions per day.

It was reported earlier by the United States Customs and Border Protection that the border authorities had experienced well over 2,200,000 encounters with illegal aliens over the fiscal year of 2022.

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