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Fetterman Video Shows His True Colors Over The 2nd Amendment

Sen. John Fetterman (DPA) is under fire after a video of one of his staffers revealed he would likelybe OK with overturning the Second Amendment andwould prefer nobody have guns at all.”

The video, released by investigative journalist James OKeefe of the OKeefe Media Group, shows a staffer admitting to his boss views on gun control.

John is 100 percent for gun control banning automatic weapons, all that s***,” the staffer identified as Sam Borwegen said on the tape.

The senator, however, has not outrightly said he is in support of overturning the Second Amendment. Instead, Fetterman has argued for stricter gun control restrictions and a ban on assault weapons following last year‘s school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

But Borwegen‘s video clip has raised eyebrows in the Pennsylvania district and among Republican circles as it implies that the senator could go further than just gun control restrictions.

In addition to the controversy surrounding his views on the Second Amendment, Borwegen‘s admission thateverybody wants a f***ing story on Fetterman raises questions about how the staff engages the media. Borwegen said the senator‘s office only grants access topuppets who‘ll provide thenarrative we want.”

The claim is particularly pertinent in light of a recent Washington Post case in which a tweet by its reporter was deleted following criticism that it was inaccurate and contained an alleged quote from the senator.

However, when OKeefe confronted Borwegen about the clip, he refused to give a statement and quickly walked away while declining to comment.

The controversy surrounding Fetterman‘s views on gun control and freedom of the press has undoubtedly brought the Pennsylvania senator in hot water. And with an increasingly polarized political climate where gun rights continue to be one of the sticking points between the two parties, Fetterman‘s views could put him at odds with some of his constituents.

At the same time, it has also left the senator open to criticism from those who oppose overturning the Second Amendment. Criticism that is only likely to intensify over time if Fetterman does not clarify his position on the matter.

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