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Elon Musk Announces Interest In Working alongside Alternative Platform To YouTube

Billionaire Elon Musk has stated this week that he was possibly interested in working with an alternative platform to YouTube in the wake of the extreme left-wing tech company choosing to heavily censor actor Russel Brand this past week.

Brand made the claim that he was “officially censored by YouTube” for the crime of promoting misinformation in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, to which he shot back with a series of clips of a multitude of leftist media personalities also issuing false claims related to the pandemic and YouTube not at all taking any sort of action against them for it.

Brand also made the claim via the video that the entire reason that YouTube refused to take any sort of action against these particular personalities is just that YouTube is actually just another facet of the mainstream media. Musk issued a response to Brand’s video, stating, “Good point.”

In the wake of one political commentator making the suggestion to Musk that he should try working with Rumble, Musk answered, “I’m a little preoccupied [right now].”

Chris Pavlovksi, the founder of the aforementioned Rumble, spoke up to plead with Musk via social media, stating, “Elon, I founded Rumble and forever wanted to work with you.”

“Below is from 2010 when I visited SpaceX. I was ready 12 years ago, and I’m ready 12 years from now. Whenever you’re ready 🚀,” he stated via Twitter. “In the meantime, let’s peer our datacenters with Starlink to secure free speech 🙂”

Musk shot back, “Maybe worth talking at some point.”

As he fights his way through his intense legal battle with Twitter, Musk chose to weigh in on the monetary policy of America this past week, stating that it just doesn’t make any sense.

Policymakers for the Federal Reserve have raised the target federal funds rate by a total of 0.75% this past Wednesday evening, sparking a downward spiral of the Dow Jones Industrial Average by over 500 points. After then stagnating further on Thursday, it dropped yet another 900 points by Monday evening to a level of 29,300.

The Federal Reserve had first pegged a close to zero target interest rate and made use of government bonds as a means to stimulate the economy throughout the lockdown-induced recession. As part of a CNBC interview, Jeremy Siegel, a professor from the Wharton School, did highlight that he was “very upset” and stated that the sudden extreme hawkishness from the Federal Reserve makes “absolutely no sense.”



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