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Disney Starts Cracking Down On Password Sharing

Following in the footsteps of other streaming platforms, Disney+ has announced that it will begin cracking down on users who are sharing their account login credentials with others. The move, which was outlined in an email sent to Canadian subscribers this week, aims to restrict the use of one account by multiple people not covered by a subscription tier.

The updated Subscriber Agreement, which was also highlighted by industry experts like Needham & Company analyst Laura Martin, makes it clear that users who share their login details outside of their household could face termination of service. This means that users who are using Disney+ to stream content in different locations or with individuals not covered by their subscription plan could be at risk.

The move to restrict account sharing comes as an increasing number of streaming platforms are taking steps to prevent users from giving out access to their accounts to others. These measures are being implemented with the use of backend technology, with the aim of ensuring that users are not taking advantage of the service by sharing their login credentials with multiple individuals.

However, Disney+ is not completely cutting off the option for users to share their accounts with others. The platform does offer a “Household” bundle that allows multiple users to stream off the same account, but only if they are all within the same household. This option is slightly more expensive than the standard subscription tier, but it allows for the use of different devices and simultaneous streaming for multiple users.

Disney’s decision to start cracking down on account sharing may also be seen as a move to quiet the noise and avoid getting caught up in the culture wars. In recent years, the company has faced numerous controversies and backlash from conservatives over its content and messaging. With the return of former CEO Bob Iger, Disney is now promising to lower the temperature and focus on its primary goal of providing quality entertainment for its subscribers. As streaming platforms continue to battle for subscribers and increase their revenue, it is likely that we will see more companies take similar steps to ensure that their service is being used by paid subscribers only.

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