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Disney Star Struggle Over Backlash

Rachel Zegler, Hollywood’s newest darling, has faced extreme backlash after revealing her true opinion about the remake of the Disney classic Snow White.

The 22-year-old New Jersey native who shot to fame after being cast as Maria in West Side Story has caused a massive commotion on social media after interviews were released for the upcoming Snow White remake.

Zegler made her stance clear in the interview, stating ‘She’s not going to be saved by the prince and she’s not going to be dreaming about true love.’ In addition, she has admitted she ‘hated’ Disney’s 1937 classic and its ‘stalker’ prince.

The actress’s comments were met with strong reactions from social media. Many saw Zegler’s comments as perpetuating ‘woke’ culture and being a ‘fake’ feminist. She was also criticized for playing Snow White as a Latina. She defended the casting decision and Disney also addressed the backlash.

The controversy was only intensified after Zegler bashed her own movie, Shazam! Fury Of The Gods.

She admitted she only took the role because she ‘needed a job.’ However, despite her disparaging comments, both her movie and Snow White were panned by critics.

Zegler defended the movie on her social media instead and expressed disappointment when she wasn’t invited to the Oscars despite being nominated seven times. Eventually, the Disney team discovered a loophole and she was able to attend as a presenter.

PR expert Nick Ede made a statement to stating: ‘perhaps Rachel isn’t the best person to promote the film’ – despite playing the main character because she has ‘actively chosen to spoil the narrative.’

Fans, movie critics, and other individuals are eager to see how this controversy affects Zegler’s career and the box office for her upcoming films.

The response and discussion around Zegler and her remarks serve to remind other celebrities and viewers alike of the scope of a public figure’s influence. Her comments caused a huge stir among fans and critics alike, and could potentially influence her upcoming projects.

The criticism of Zegler and her public remarks may prove to be a significant lesson of the power and effects of one’s words. The debate is sure to be ongoing as the world awaits the release of her upcoming films.

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