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Dinner Break Stop Leads Police Investigators To Shocking Discovery In Kidnapping Case

Police forces carrying out a search for a kidnapped baby in Indiana were able to find the child at a restaurant just shortly after giving up the search for the day to grab some food.

This past week, Five-month-old twins Kyair and Kason Thomas ended up missing. Police forces found Kyair a few hours later just outside of the Dayton International Airport in Ohio. Police officials from the Indianapolis area spent the vast majority of the day on Thursday attempting to find the car that Kason was thought to be stashed in. The investigators finally gave up on their search late Thursday evening and swung by a local restaurant for some food. It was at this restaurant that the officers were able to discover both the car they were looking for and the boy with it.

“We stopped to decompress and talk about the day and what happen to Kason so as parents we understand,” explained Officer Shawn Anderson with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police to WISH-TV, a local news outlet. “It was time for us to decompress because we were disappointed that we could not find him and then God opened up the heavens to us and almost took him and put him right in our hands.”

As explained by WISH, the pair of officers concuded their search for the day and paused at a local retaurant to get some food. Across the parking lot from the restaurant was a Papa John’s pizzaeria, the officers saw a black Honda Accord used by the kidnapper to steal the small child. One employee of the fastfood pizza place spotted the car sitting out in the parking lot, but stated that it abandoned cars in the area were fairly common and did not think anything of it. “Fortunately, they found a baby in the car that had been sitting there for a few days,” explained the employee. “Thank God he was OK.”

The employee also claimed that he spotted the suspect back on Tuesday as they stopped by to acquire about a job. “She came in Tuesday morning probably around 8 o’ clock and was asking about bus passes and asking if we were hiring. I didn’t think too much about it. She was here for about 20 minutes and left and walked right past the car, and I didn’t see her again.”

The kidnapping of Kyair and Kason took place Monday. Wilhelmina, their mother, was picking up an order from DoorDash coming from Donato’s Pizza in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. The mother left the vehicle running while she picked up the order.

Identified later as Nalah Jackson, the suspect reportedly fled out of a side door of the restaurant before stealing the still running car and speeding away with the children still inside. As explained by police officials, Jackson is a homeless person and carries a criminal record sporting theft, receiving stolen property, interference with custody, and endangering children.

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