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DeSantis Issues Grand Promises In Light Of Biden’s Policies

On Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis unveiled his highly anticipated energy agenda during an event in Midland, Texas. Titled “Freedom to Fuel,” DeSantis’ plan promises to bring back $2 gas and turn the United States into the world’s leading energy producer.

During his nearly 40-minute speech, DeSantis outlined six core components of his plan. The first is to restore American energy dominance by cutting bureaucratic regulations that have hindered oil and gas production under the Biden administration. DeSantis also stressed the need to scrap global climate agendas and allow the U.S. to export energy in order to create global stability.

Another key aspect of DeSantis’ plan is to save the American automobile industry. He proposes reversing electric vehicle mandates and eliminating subsidies for these vehicles, arguing that Americans should have the freedom to choose the type of vehicle they want to drive. He also plans to stop California from setting national standards and eliminate ESG regulations that hinder traditional American automobiles.

In addition, DeSantis vows to elevate evidence over ideology and pursue nuclear energy as a clean and reliable alternative. He also pledges to reform environmental permitting and put an end to “green lawfare” – the use of excessive environmental regulations to delay or stop energy projects. He believes this will speed up the process of energy development and reduce the impact on the environment.

Furthermore, DeSantis plans to jump-start critical mineral and federal land development. He argues that the U.S. must end its reliance on China for critical minerals, and instead focus on developing its own resources on federal land. This includes allowing mining for rare earth elements, which are crucial for the production of many modern technologies.

Finally, DeSantis intends to build the most efficient, affordable, and reliable energy grid in the world. He sees this as necessary for preventing future blackouts and ensuring that Americans have access to reliable and affordable energy.

DeSantis highlighted the negative consequences of the Biden administration’s energy policies, including rising gas prices and inflation, as well as the loss of economic benefits for Americans. He promised that as president, he would be a strong advocate for American energy dominance and would ensure that the country is never again reliant on hostile nations for its energy needs.

“In 2025, there’s going to be a new sheriff in town,” DeSantis declared. “Our target goal is to have gas at $2 a gallon, and we will move in that direction if we implement all these policies.”

DeSantis’ energy agenda follows his previously announced plans to deal with the border crisis, fix the U.S. military, and make America economically independent. With this latest proposal, DeSantis has positioned himself as a strong candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, emphasizing his commitment to American interests and values.

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