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Dems Responds To New Speaker Of The House

In a surprise turn of events, Rep. Mike Johnson has been elected as the new speaker of the House after several failed attempts to fill the empty seat. Following the resignation of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Republicans have been searching for a new leader and have finally found their fourth nominee to take the helm.

In a chamber-wide vote, Johnson received overwhelming support from his fellow Republicans, with only a handful of defections. With a total of 220 votes, he easily surpassed the 217 votes needed to become speaker. This victory marks a significant achievement for Johnson, who was deemed as the dark horse candidate in the race.

What set Johnson apart from his predecessors was his ability to rally his party behind him. Unlike previous candidates, there were no defections to his candidacy, indicating a united party behind their new leader. This was evident in the nomination vote on Tuesday night, where Johnson received the party’s backing despite the absence of several members.

Johnson’s nomination was not without opposition, as Democrats continued to vote for Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, who received 209 votes from his party. However, Johnson’s support from Republicans proved to be crucial in securing his victory.

The newly elected speaker has already garnered support from an unexpected source- former President Trump. In a statement, Trump urged Republicans to support Johnson, emphasizing the need to “get it done, fast.” This endorsement could have played a role in solidifying Johnson’s candidacy and gaining the trust of his party members.

As the new speaker of the House, Johnson will face a tough road ahead as he takes on the responsibility of leading the country’s legislative body. However, with the support of his fellow Republicans and an unexpected blessing from Trump, Johnson is well poised to take on the challenge and lead the House in a new direction.

The Left can’t stand when Republicans agree:

They always scramble for an excuse:

Apparently the “coup” is incoming:

A simple prayer offends them:

New Speaker announcement sparked odd responses:

Can’t seem to understand supporting their fellow party members:

Angry over new blood in new roles:

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