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Dems Have A Big Fear Headed Into Next Year

The rapidly solidifying Hispanic vote in America is turning headsand potentially upending established political power in Washington. Thats because it appears that the Republican Party is making inroads with traditionally Democratleaning Hispanic voters, particularly in Texas.

Until recently, it was taken for granted that the bulk of Hispanic voters would cast their ballots for the Democrat candidate. But this assumption is now being questioned as Hispanic support for Democrats continues to erode. This sheds light on the track record of the current administrations pandering to minority communities throughout the Biden era.

Lets consider the events of last summer. In July of 2022, Republican candidate Mayra Flores flipped a Democrat stronghold in the U.S.-Mexico border for the first time in its 100year history. Shortly after, another Hispanic Republican candidate, Monica De La Cruz, won the general election to become the first-ever GOP representative in Texas 15th Congressional District. When asked why she believed more Hispanics were turning to the Republican Party, De La Cruz explained that “the Hispanic culture really aligns with prolife, pro-God, and pro-country. Those are the values of the Republican party. Democrats have just simply gone too far to the left and towards socialism.

This sentiment appears to have resonated with many Hispanic voters, as support for Democrats continues to dwindle. Democrats won 57 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2022, a decrease from the 63 percent backing Joe Biden in 2020. Even more alarming for Democrats is the fact that the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, earned 35 percent of the Hispanic vote in the last election cycle.

It isnt just candidates on the Republican ticket who are delivering messages of change either. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who is rumored to be considering a White House run, has also begun calling out Democrats for theirLeftism and socialism. He believes more Hispanics are recognizing the values of the GOP and that a tremendous opportunity exists for the party as a result.

Grecia Lima, national political director of Community Change Action, believes Democrats must do more than just invent words to capture the attention of Hispanic voters. She notes they must begin talking to the communityin a genuine fashion and start digging into the issues that are really concerning them, such as the economy. She believes initiatives like the 2021 trilliondollar infrastructure bill, and federal spending on health care, social services, and green energy have to be presented to Hispanics around the country asdown payments on future success.

Finally, Jesse Holguin, founder of the Latino exit movement LEXIT, has noticed that many Hispanic families pass down the idea to younger generations that it is the Democrats who look after minorities. But as evidenced by the recent election results, more Hispanics are beginning to reject this narrative.

The GOPs success in capturing more of the Hispanic vote in the upcoming 2026 election could have farreaching consequences. The challenge for Republicans, then, is to continue their outreach and prove to Hispanic voters that the GOP looks out for their best interests above all else.

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