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Dem Spouts Biden-Level Insane Take On Guns

Jess Piper, a “rural mom” and “dirt road Democrat,” found herself marked as a clown this past Friday for her claims that the AR-15 could not actually be used effectively for hunting.

Currently working as the executive director of the group Blue Missouri, Piper (@Piper4missouri) stated in a tweet, “You don’t hunt game with an AR. It destroys the meat. The more you know …”

“Well, Hell, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years! Who knew! All I needed to do was consult with a non-hunting ‘pro’ that thinks she knows everything. That’s an AR in the picture, not that you didn’t know that already being the pro that you are,” stated a tweet @MAC_arms, the Indiana state director for Gun Owners of America — all while including a picture proving the statement wrong.

A large number of people spotlighted the fact that while a few AR models are banned for big game hunting for certain states, its not due to the claim that the bullets do so much damage. Instead, its because they more often than not do not do enough and it would not be considered human to wound the animal instead of just killing it.

“I can’t tell if this is satire or not. You don’t hunt game (except smaller animals) because the bullet is to small to kill the animal reliably. You hunt with much larger rounds that can cause more damage,” Sara Hidden explained.

“Most people don’t hunt ‘game’ with an AR-15 because the caliber is too small and isn’t considered ethical in some states. Plenty can and do use an AR-10. Unless you are ‘hunting’ tyrants. Then the caliber is less important than the range and barriers you need to defeat. ‘The more …” expressed Kyle Seraphin, a former agent with the FBI.

Another massive group of people chose to simply mock the woman for her insane claim– which seems to go in line with a number of the claims issued by President Joe Biden that have been made about the guns that he would want to see banned. The president has previously claimed that “AR-15s just rip the body apart.”



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