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Dem Congressman Talking Points Didn’t Go Over Well

It appears that Rep. Daniel Goldman, the fresh-faced Democrat member of Congress and former impeachment lawyer, has stepped into a political mire of his own making.

In a recent statement on MSNBC, Goldman decried the indictment of Gal Luft, a former Hunter Biden business associate recently charged with numerous federal crimes, including FARA violations for advising CEFC China without registering as a foreign agent. Instead of simply noting the suspicious timing of the indictment, Goldman attempted to spin the news into something more heinous: that Republicans were “putting national security at risk” by receiving information about the Biden family’s foreign dealings.

However, Goldman’s argument quickly fell apart when it seemed he conceded that Hunter Biden was also guilty of the same violation as Luft, for working as an advisor for CEFC Energy without registering as a foreign agent. After all, Hunter Biden himself was paid millions of dollars by CEFC China and has yet to be charged with any crime for it.

This raises questions about the legitimacy of Goldman’s insinuations: if Luft is guilty of doing the same thing as Hunter Biden, then why has Hunter Biden not been charged? Is it because of partisan bias? The fact that Luft’s indictment was announced just as House Republicans were set to receive further information from him about the Biden family’s foreign dealings also points to a possible partisan slant at play.

In a sense, Goldman’s own partisanship has painted him into a corner. He was attempting to discredit the Republicans, only to unwittingly admit that Hunter Biden should be charged for his foreign dealings. The standard Goldman has set is one of sheer hypocrisy. It’s like a mob member testifying against his own mob boss.

At the very least, Goldman should have come out and said that both Luft and Biden should be held to the same standards, and that any alleged criminal activities should be fully investigated. Instead, his partisan leanings have caused him to stumble.

In the end, it seems Goldman has unwittingly admitted that the Biden family should be held accountable for their foreign dealings. The extent of any possible criminality remains to be seen. But the admission of even the possibility of criminality coming from Goldman is news indeed. It will be interesting to see how this story develops.

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