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Cruz Finds Competition In Upcoming Senate Race

Congressman Colin Allred (DTX) is set to launch a bid for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz, according to multiple sources. Allred, a former NFL playerturnedcivil rights attorney, is a rising star in the Democratic party and has been widely praised for his fundraising prowess and leadership skills.

Allred, who defeated an incumbent Republican in a district in the suburbs of Dallas in 2018, has held his seat since then and is favored to win it again in the upcoming November election. Despite this, Allred is set to take on a monumental challenge in the form of Senator Cruz, who was elected to his second term in 2018 and narrowly defeated Democratic challenger Beto ORourke.

The Congressman is no stranger to taking on tough odds, however. He has a history of picking up endorsements from powerful organizations such as the AFLCIO and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and has shown a knack for energizing the Democratic base and even winning over some independents and moderate Republicans.

The upcoming race will be a highprofile matchup and likely to draw national attention. Allred will be hoping to build his name recognition with a strong showing against Cruz, even if he ends up losing.

The race will be an interesting one, as Cruz is a wellknown and experienced politician, while Allred is a relative newcomer to the political stage. Allreds message of civil rights and economic opportunity could be appealing to voters in Texas, a state with a diverse population.

If Allred is successful, he will become the first Democrat to hold a Senate seat from Texas since 1994. It is a tall task, but one that Allred has shown he is willing to take on. As the campaign season draws closer, it will be interesting to see how this showdown between a veteran politician and a rising star plays out.

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