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Conservative Movie Crushes Competition Over Holiday

On July 4th, Angel Studio’s “Sound of Freedom” soared to the top of the box office, becoming the highest-grossing movie of the weekend and surpassing Disney’s widely panned “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny”.

Action moviestarring Jim Caviezel, “Sound of Freedom” tells the true story of former federal agent Tim Ballard and his mission to save children from human trafficking. On its first day, the film grossed over $14 million through “pay it forward” and direct box office sales, quickly recouping its budget and prompting the studio to express gratitude. “Thanks to fans around the country, SOUND OF FREEDOM earned the top spot as America’s number one movie on Independence Day,” Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios, announced in a press release.

CinemaScore awarded “Sound of Freedom” with an A+ rating and Rotten Tomatoes awarded it a score of 100%. Comparatively, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” fell short with an abysmal 11 million box office and a miserable Rotten Tomatoes score of 23%. Critics and reviewers alike bashed the movie for its “weak” and “unfunny” storytelling, its “woke” messaging, and the franchise’s apparent decline due to poor and out-of-touch marketers.

The success of “Sound of Freedom” is not the first feat the Utah-based studio has achieved. Last January, critics were stunned when “The Chosen” drew tens of thousands of fans to crash a movie theater websitein pursuit of tickets. “His Only Son,” based on the Old Testament story of Abraham and Isaac, also exceeded expectations, grossing $12 million despite its limited budget of only 250,000.

Ballard, founder of independent child trafficking organization Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), told Fox News Digital that “Sound of Freedom” has taken on a “life of its own and become something more than a movie.” He hopes that its success will inspire viewers to become actively involved and end child trafficking.

“What you see in the movie ‘Sound of Freedom,’ that was based on a real-life operation called ‘Triple Take,’” OUR Rescue President and COO Matt Osborne explained. “In October of 2014, in three cities in Colombia, in a one-hour time period, we helped Colombian authorities and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security rescue 123 trafficking victims – 55 of those were minors.”

After its outstanding accomplishment on the Fourth of July, “Sound of Freedom” continues to gain momentum and draw supporters, which guarantees its success will continue beyond its opening day.

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